Passionately Procrastinating

I always tell my wife that I’m very helpful, just in the least helpful way possible. I usually say that when I’m getting the look that tells me I didn’t get done what was supposed to be done. I usually only imagine that I’m getting that look due to my deep seated (or is it seeded?) insecurities, but my imagination is quite compelling, so I usually feel guilty about whatever it is I haven’t done – while simultaneously exulting in some other triumph.

For example, maybe, I mean just hypothetically speaking for moment… Maybe the grass needed mowed, the flower box removed, and the old dryer taken to the dump. But instead of tackling any of those half hour jobs, I decide (again, this is hypothetical) to remove all the crushed rock from a 60′ x 3′ section of our front yard, so that we can plant a couple bushes, put down some weed block, and replace all the rock. Which I would hypothetically guess would take about 4 days, 2 shovels and a bucket, 7 blisters, and 4 grouchy and underpaid child laborers.

See – helpful.

Just not necessary. Not well-timed. Not integral to the continued smooth functioning of our household. But helpful.

So today, when I have several other things to do that suddenly became less than urgent, I decided to take it upon myself to build a website. I’ve messed around online enough to know how to manipulate a little bit of content on this free (and pre-designed) site, but I have zero experience actually starting from scratch. So naturally, instead of finishing a couple easy jobs that need done in my office, I registered a domain name, paid for a year of hosting, and set up cPanel access. Then I proceeded to install the self-hosted incarnation of WordPress (twice, since I didn’t quite get it right the first time) on my host’s server, purchase Standard theme (which I’m told will raise the speed of awesome on my site from 0 to 60 in the blink of a pixel) and… well, then I hit a road block.

See, in my imagination, there’s supposed to be this easy, ‘click here to download Standard theme’ button that you click after you pay for it, then another ‘install Standard theme’ button to finish the job. There were buttons to click alright, but somewhere in the process, what I needed to be one easily managed .zip file became a folder full of files that would’ve made Hulk smash tanks and unicorns and stuff. I ended up figuring out how to sort of ‘re-zip’ all those files into one, then how to upload that through the file manager on my cPanel, and finally how to then unzip that within the file manager on the host’s server. Not bad for a guy who didn’t even have a cPanel to open a couple days ago! (They’re nothing like the old 70’s panels that used to be in my basement, by the way.)

So, despite nearly forgetting to take my daughter to pre-school, then being a couple minutes late to pick her up, and not finishing a couple other projects that are about 27 hours from regaining urgent status… I am proud to say I’ve successfully set up the skeleton for what I hope will be a blog that makes a difference. (I’m not telling you where it is, yet – it’s still a little shy.) I’ll still use this space here to collect my thoughts about our journey through life to God (as I have for several years), but I wanted to start something more focused on one thing: unleashing potential in the young church.

I’m tired of seeing churches just get old and tired and wear themselves out running around the same old circles. There’s a better way… I’m about to launch into a long, impassioned diatribe, here, so I’ll stop – that’s what my new digs are for. I hope to see you there soon (that is, once I reveal where ‘there’ is)…

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