12 in ’12 Tuesday

12 in ’12 is a series of posts talking about life in youth ministry with a 12 year old in the family this year.
This weekend, Emily got to go to her first Winter White Wash. It’s a ski retreat we take our Middle School and High School students to each year. This year, we skied at Snowy Range just outside Laramie, and had the main sessions at the new building of White Water Christian Church. (It’s awesome to see this new church continue to develop.) Emily wasn’t a huge fan of the whole skiing thing, but had fun the rest of the time. I’m tearing her away from the Republican debate to answer a few questions for you. Just for clarity’s sake, my comments/questions are italicized and Emily’s answers are in bold. (Like you wouldn’t have figured that out!)

What was the best part of the weekend?
   Pretty much the entire weekend was fun. NOT skiing though. I got ran over by a guy on a snowboard. It hurt. Very bad. [At least the kid felt guilty about it – I think he may have been crying as bad as you were.]

What was it like being the only 6th Grader in our group? Terrible I bet, no one to talk to at all, right?
    Actually, it wasn’t that bad. Most of the time I hung out with the high school girls. And some 6TH GRADE friends from Bayard. […and Laramie, and some tiny place with no name, and some kid from Rapid, and… I told you not to worry about it.]

How was the van ride? I heard your driver was pretty awesome.
     The van ride was fun. Except when we got caught in a blizzard (Not the DQ kind) and couldn’t see anything. Except white. It was scary. And by the way, the driver wasn’t that awesome. (It was you, Dad!) [I know! And I thought it was pretty good driving for not being able to see ANYTHING.]

How was it being the daughter of the youth pastor? Any specific challenges to being my kid? Or benefits?
      It’s OK being the daughter of the youth pastor. Not really any challenges. There are benefits though. Like you paid for my lunch even though I had my own money. And I know all the songs on your iTunes list and I can bug you until you play Lecrae. [It doesn’t really take a whole lot of bugging to get me to play Lecrae. He’s awesome. I’m sure there will be some challenges sooner or later – but I’m sure you’ll be up for them, too. Oh, and you owe me a lunch!]

Any advice for other youth ministers who are taking their kids on trips with their youth groups?
       The only advice I have is: Don’t embarrass them or they’ll just embarrass you right back. And trust me, you don’t want to be embarrassed by a Jr. High or High School kid. [Is that a threat? Alright, go to bed young lady, right now.]

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  1. Sounds like she had a great time! I have and will probably continue to give much thought to the dynamic of having my own kids in the youth ministry, and how it may/may not change things. It seems to be off to a good start for you and Emily!

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