Social Media Awkwardness

Have you ever wondered what social media are doing to us? What are we becoming as a people who are so pixel connected? There are a number of aspects of social media that I’ve noticed:

Twitter Trolling – If you followed me, just so I’d follow you, but I didn’t on any of the 16 occasions you’ve tried to get my following attention, what are the chances that I’ll follow you on attempt number 17?

Begging for Celebrity Retweets – “Hey Mr. Famous with your thousands of followers who don’t really pay attention to what you say, would you include my name in your next tweet so some of them can come ignore me, too.” I don’t get it. Maybe there’s a famous for being famous gene I didn’t get or bug I didn’t catch, but if I’m going to be known, I want to be known for doing something – not for having my name mentioned by someone who’s done something. I don’t know how @BrianDawkins puts up with it.

The Declaration of the Unfollow – If you don’t want to read what someone tweets, just don’t follow them. No need to announce it or threaten to unfollow them. Just leave the room. @markschlereth takes all kinds of crap because his football followers don’t want to hear about his chili, or some food snob chili fan just found out he was a gridiron gladiator, or because his son didn’t pitch away from some hitter, or because he just posted another of his ‘churchy thoughts’. “Sorry Mark, if you can’t be as one-dimensional as I am narrow minded, I’m not following you anymore.” What kind of person finds it necessary to tell someone that you’re not going to read their tweets anymore?

Facebook Relationship Status – Let’s just all put “it’s complicated” and leave it at that. (I would follow my own advice here, except that I’m already statified as married, and the switch would REALLY freak people out.) Relationships are ALL complicated, why complicate them more with this feature?

MEdia – What makes us think it is ok to be SO self-centered just because we’re digital? Even in the digital universe, other people exist, and they don’t just want to talk about me(you)! But I really am glad you told me how good your toast was this morning, do you put the jelly on with a knife or a spoon?

There are a ton of other strange moments in social media I’m sure you’ve noticed. The Old Flame Friend Request. The Terribly Public Argument That Should Have Been Behind Closed Doors. The Wall Post of Passion That Definitely Should Have Been a Private Message (closely related to the Tweet That Should Have Been a DM).

Which ones are most awkward for you?

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