The Future Is Orange, Predominantly

The other day, I saw a bunch of lemmings patting each other on the back and celebrating how awesome their collective lack of perspective was. As their bandwagon rolled along, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of compassion for them as they mindlessly followed their own tails. I was in my truck, so I compassionately ended the misery that was their bandwagon existence. I’m not really a bandwagon guy.

Having said that (fictitiously of course), this post is going to sound a little bandwagonesque – ok, a lot! There, you’ve been warned. When it comes to the Denver Broncos, I have no shred of objectivity. I’ve mentioned here the pain of watching them crumble the past few years, but I’m glad to say the pain has subsided considerably.

Actually, the past couple months have been the most fun I’ve had watching the Broncos play since I sat in my grandma’s living room and listened to her cuss out John Elway’s gunslinging comeback ways. It’s a little scary that we now have to worry about the 4th quarter heart conditions of the elder set of Broncos fans again – and a little refreshing. Take some aspirin before the game – I hear that helps the heart…

A few quick Broncos thoughts:

Tim Tebow is just inexplicably getting it done. 3 completions through 3 quarters of play? No problem, what if we just have 18 completions in the next few minutes, okay guys… Win. For the record, McDaniels did a lot of crazy stupid things in his time in Denver, but drafting Tebow was not one of them. I loved the pick then, and I love seeing Tebow lead this team after waiting a year and a half for his shot. The lack of off season work put him in a bad spot, but he seems to be making up the learning curve pretty quickly. Character matters – A LOT.

The Broncos are not winning in spite of his first 3 quarters of play as some have suggested. What the Broncos are doing on offense is what they have to do on offense. They are playing for first downs and field position. Tebow’s throws are much more consistently getting where they need to be, and the offensive line is working like some kind of dump truck tank the A-Team would’ve put together is some rancher’s barn in New Mexico. (Sidebar: What would you give for a Mr. T sideline sighting with about 10 minutes to go? Sidebar spawned afterthought: What would you give to see Tim T. with some feather earrings and a mohawk!?)

When the receivers catch the balls they should be catching, Denver could be putting good teams away early. I know Marion Barber helped out in a big way by not going out of bounds yesterday, but if the Broncos receivers had caught 6 or 7 more passes (that were right to their hands!) earlier in the game, he wouldn’t have been in a position to gift-wrap the final moments for the Broncos. Can you imagine Dumervil/Miller/Williams getting after a quarterback who HAS to throw because his team is down by a couple TD’s?

The defense is looking stronger than it has in a long, long time. I loved the draft pick of Von Miller. Along with a couple other pickups and health improvements, the front of this defense improved in a big, big way. Champ & Dawkins are still playing like they always have and offer an incredible amount of leadership and work ethic to the young guys. If those young guys are listening and learning from that tandem, the defense could be back to the Orange Crush standard for several years to come.

I love watching a quarterback run over DB’s and shove linebackers to the ground with a well placed stiff arm as they desperately try to dive at his legs. (The Revis Matador was pretty sweet to watch as well.) I know, I know, the purist NFL fans want to see the QB stay in the pocket and look pretty, but I’d much rather see my field general crashing the front lines. Injuries happen, so depth is important, but then again, how many pocket-passing QBs are currently sitting around injured because they got blindsided standing 6 yards behind center?

It’s good to be a Broncos fan. And it’s enjoyable again too, now that every week doesn’t bring another beat-down. There’s hope again in the Mile High fan base. The future is orange… predominantly.

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