One Meal One Day

A few weeks ago, I showed our students a quick video introducing One Meal One Day. It’s a program put together by Compassion to encourage students to skip 1 meal and donate the money they would have spent on it to feed hungry children. I showed the video to sort of gauge interest and see if it was something my students wanted to pursue. The response was pretty positive, so we’re going to do it, but sometimes you just can’t wait for something, right?

I just heard this morning that one of our students has already raised about $500! After seeing the video, he did his own checking online and took the information he found to a teacher at school. From there, he went to the principal and finally to the school board to pitch the idea. This little K-8 school has primed the pump, and I can’t wait to see what God will do throughout our other schools!

This is what happens when you let kids try! (Or when you plant seeds and don’t get in the way…)

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  1. Whitwater Crossing Christain church, is doing this also! It is a huge church! There are already 30 kids in on this! They have made posters to put around school. They are spreading the word very efficiently! The schools have made announcments about this! It’s going to be HUGE!!!

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