6 Adults Every Youth Ministry Needs

Youth ministry is not healthy when it’s a one man show. Every youth ministry takes a team of people to function well and to build healthy disciples. Also, I need to think about something a little light-hearted today so I’m giving you 6 Adults Every Youth Ministry Needs:

1. The Mom – She’s perturbed about the stain you just left on the church carpet, but you know she loves you anyway, and she’ll probably start bringing treats again in a couple weeks. She can’t help herself. It’s amazing how aware she is when it seems like she’s distracted with something else, and a split second of raised eyebrow eye contact from her will calm even the most savage of sophomores.

2. The Janitor – That stain on the carpet? Oh, he’ll get it out alright, but you’re now on his list. He will spend the next 17 months showing you every brand of blemish remover known to man, following you around with 4 different types of cleaning rags (all of which look suspiciously like cloth diapers from 1987), and explaining which combination is best for each and every surface in the church building. And before you even ask, “No, you can’t just spray paint over that!”

3. The Magnet – This is the adult that walks into the room and immediately is swarmed with a hive of students, eager for a shred of attention. His ideas are always right in their eyes and his stamp of approval will immediately boost participation by 37%. If you can manage a couple of these, you’re going to need a bigger youth room, but be careful, Magnets can do some really weird stuff to each other if they’re not properly aligned.

4. The Juggler – She can tell you where your youth ministry schedule will put you at any given moment over the next four and a half months. Balancing student activities with carpool duties is more natural to her than stink to a muskrat (Ha! You thought I was going to say skunk, didn’t you?) and she’ll know every detail about every upcoming trip on the docket. The Juggler is often an indispensable ally and translator in contacts with the outside world (i.e. real people who don’t speak youth ministry).

5. The Driver – The Driver knows how to get there from here. He knows where the potholes are and the best routes to avoid them and he’ll tell you both enthusiastically. Also, he can tell you the location of every Chic-fil-A and Krispy Kreme on the continent! The Driver is the epitome of the no-nonsense kind of guy in every other situation, but he’s willing to overlook the nonsense of youth ministry in order to get some kids where they need to go. Your students have no idea how awesome this guy really is until The Magnet draws him in to some crazy scheme where he becomes their hero.

6. The Cheerleader – Every student needs to hear that they’ve done well and the Cheerleader will deliver that message with fervor! She’s constantly scouting facebook posts like an eagle soaring high above the prairie dog town – except instead of swooping down with crushing talons for a quick, furry snack, she’s always the first to comment with an encouraging word and just the right emoticon!-) (Pathetic attempt, I know, but give me a break, I’m not the Cheerleader!) I guess that’s not really like the eagle at all, but you get the point. If not, ask the Magnet – He’s married to the Cheerleader & he’ll convince you I know what I’m talking about.

So, there you have my authoritative, qualitative summary of necessary youth leaders. Which one are you? I’m sure you can think of other adults that youth ministries need. Share them in the comments section, because it really does take a village, not just the village idiot!

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