Making Our Own Heaven

I had a strange dream last night that keeps flickering across my synapses. I don’t make a big deal out of dreams I have when I’m sleeping, but this one just brings up some questions…

I was working at a church and was trying to explain heaven to my students. They discovered that heaven existed in a closet at the church building. (Umm… not like that guys.) We weren’t able to see into the closet, we just knew that heaven was in there. They were all trying to figure out how to get in, but no one could get the door open. As I was explaining the Way in, one student found an air vent and crawled through to sneak in.  (Just for the record for those of you who will wonder, it was… nah, you’ll just have to guess!)

But you can’t cheat your way into heaven. You can’t just sneak your way in. As he popped through the air vent, we were all suddenly in the same room and the students began “rearranging heaven” to be more what they wanted. I got really angry – my students don’t get to see angry Mike very often, but they pretty much didn’t notice anyway, which made me more angry. They just kept laying out this fluffy white carpet and messing around. It turns out, heaven wasn’t in there at all, so they just made their own.

I wonder how often we settle for what we can do instead of waiting for God to do what only He can do? How often do we just do what we want because ‘the way is narrow’ and His Way just seems too abstract or difficult? When Jesus talked about being “the way, the truth, and the life…” in John 14:6, what do we really think He meant?
Funny little side note: When I got to the office this morning I started reading the next passage after where I left off yesterday. It started with John 10, where Jesus talks about anyone who sneaks over the wall to get into the sheepfold is just a thief and a robber.

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