Blogging Mojo Book Review

A while back, I came across this guy from Intercourse (PA) who posts pictures of Amish people, blogs a series of cartoon videos, drinks vinegar on camera, and mixes some of the most humorously random metaphors ever known to woodchucks. Bryan Allain is a funny guy with a funny blog. As I first read his blog, I shouted out, “Wow, this guy has some serious blogging mojo! I wish I could find my own blogging mojo like that.” It was a big moment here in the office…

Ok, that last part is a total fabrication; I don’t think I’ve ever actually said the word mojo because it confuses my mouth. Wait, was that a Spanish word, or are we just making stuff up now? Do you really think you’re cool enough to pull off a word like that? Regardless, you should check out his blog. If you’re a blogger, or if you just like funny stuff, you should also check out his new ebook – 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo. You can find it on the book’s site as a pdf, or on Amazon in a Kindle edition.

Lost your mojo?

The books offers a 31 day walk-through before jumping into the big blogging game. Or maybe it’s more of a quick series of timeouts in the middle of the game to remind you what the heck you started out to accomplish with this whole blogging thing. Either way, it’s full of really good, practical blogging suggestions and ideas for making your blog better.

Allain begins by re-acquainting you with the core elements of your blog (the audience, the content, and… you’ll have to get the book for the other one) – these are the foundation of what will make your blog something someone else will read and to which they’ll actually return to read some more. He spends another 10 short chapters or so helping you tweak your content and focus in on what you really want to write, then fills the last third of the book with helpful tips on getting people to visit your blog and keep coming back for more.

Each chapter is only 2 pages and contains a short exercise that will help to put the idea of that chapter into practice on your blog. It’s written to probably take about 10 minutes a day, plus another 10 to 20 on the exercises, but it’s also pretty easy to read in longer chunks – you’ll just have to be careful not to miss the benefits of the action points.

I’ve been thinking about shuttering this blog and restarting a more focused blog, so I was glad to sign up to receive a free review copy. I was really glad when I found out I was lucky enough to be getting one. Bryan Allain will be even more glad when lots of you spend a measly $4.99 for your own copy. That’s like a couple boxes of really cheap cereal. Or one box of expensive cereal. The book’s definitely worth it.

In fact, if it was cereal, the box would say: Great Stuff! Start your blog off right. Dig in and find your blogging mojo.*

*CAUTION: Contents will not stay crispy in milk.

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