What Do You Do When Everything Sucks?

I’m a Denver Broncos fan. Last season was brutal. Watching the team implode the way it did was awful. I guess they didn’t implode so much as they just sort of forgot how to play football against any other team… I don’t know. I remember some bad games when I was a kid, even tough seasons, but nothing was ever like that. I remember watching with my grandma and laughing as she got so irritated with John Elway that she’d be yelling at the tv. Grandma was little, but I think she was ready to step through the TV and put  on a helmet a few times and show those boys how it’s done. I loved watching games with Grandma. Even the tough losses. But last year… all the fun seemed to be sucked out. There wasn’t much to enjoy.

I didn’t get to watch the game last night, but as I checked my twitter feed occasionally, I saw lots of updates (thank you @milehighreport). There seemed to be signs of life at times, but the end result was still a loss. I bet it’s tough to get the tar knocked out of you and have nothing to show for it but a loss, knowing you’re going to get back out there and work to do it all over again.

But life is like that isn’t it? We have “seasons” where it seems like everything sucks. Maybe every single thing doesn’t actually suck, but it sure feels like it. After the horrible season last year, a time where nothing seemed to be going right, the Broncos fired staff, rearranged responsibilities, brought in fresh ideas to the organization, all in attempting to defeat the suckiness and bring back the joy (and hopefully some wins!).

What do you do in those times? How do you regain a perspective that lets you enjoy life again? Do you need to “fire some staff” in your life? Or rearrange your priorities? Where can you bring some fresh thinking into your day?

Does ‘reality bite’ or ‘life suck’? You can’t change it until you refuse to accept it. Make some move today to make it better.

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