How to Save Money Like An Idiot

For some reason, Sunday afternoon seemed like a good time to start a project that’s been looming at our house since the city of Scottsbluff repaved our street several years ago. They’d contracted a landscaper to re-sod all the right of way areas when the job was complete. (You know that section between the sidewalk and the street that runs the full width of your house.) Since we’ve got no water to that area, we asked if they’d just put in some landscaping stone instead. They were glad to do so, but unfortunately spread the stone without putting any kind of weed barrier down.

So, for more hours than I care to admit on both Sunday and Monday, I got to partake in a level of work that is completely inappropriate for any holiday, regardless of its name. This weekend’s project essentially was this: move rocks, put down rolls of weed block, replace rocks. We also threw in a handful of shrubs for good measure.

One shovel at a time…

It was not fun work. It was not easy work. But it needed to be done. And now, it has been done. It’s nice to have a project started and completed. We seem to have a number of “less than finished” projects. Several times, LuAnn commented on how it would’ve probably been easier to just finish one of them (or two or three) instead of shoveling all those rocks only so I could shovel them again.

She’s probably right. This project could have waited. Why did we do this now?

Because I found some shrubs for sale for less than 3 bucks… So, because I could save roughly $15, I bought the bushes and started digging…

What an idiot.
Ever done anything dumb to save a few dollars? Share your story in the comments…

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