Wanna Race?

– Pad roll cage
– Bolt two doors shut
– Paint number on car
– Tow car to track

Things I have left to do before racing Friday night!

My car is finally ready… almost. I’ll be back out to Hiway 92 Raceway this weekend ready to go again. I had a blast racing a couple years ago, but when my car refused to be resuscitated, I put my helmet on a shelf in the garage and closed the door. But my friend Greg, found an old Neon that we were able to put a good roll cage in and get ready to race over the past couple months.

We’ve taken out a less than adequate roll cage, replaced it with a really good one, installed a racing seat, stripped off former sponsorship decals, rerouted the airbox, replaced a rusted out fuel tank and refinished some wiring that had gone bad. There are still a few minor things, but for the most part it’s ready to race. This Friday we’ll put it to the test.

I have to admit, as much of a redneck as it may make me sound – I’ve missed racing. I’ve learned a lot from working on the cars, and that’s nice (especially on days like yesterday where I saved about $130 just by changing my own brake pads on our van)… I love having the chance to get to know people outside the church and hopefully redefine for them what it means to be a Christian (or at least open the door to the possibility that church people aren’t all boring)… But mostly, I’ve just missed having something where I just go have fun.

So Friday night – I’m going to fight life’s capacity to suck the fun out of me and force me into cubicles of bland repetition.

Wanna race?

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