Take Me to Your Leader

Since the 50’s, cartoon aliens have been making the demand, “Take me to your leader.” Get me to the one in charge because I’m too important to be dealing with a peon like you. You can’t possibly be able to answer my questions or be interesting enough for conversation, so take me to someone who is. Take me to your leader. The phrase has entered our culture so deeply that it’s been used by everyone from the Newsboys to Ninja Turtles.

But, what if you and I were really asked that question? Who are your leaders? Look back over your life objectively – what is it, or who is it that has led you to where you are today?

Shifting away from an individual focus for a minute, I want to ask the church something. Together, who are our leaders? Who are we following? I know the easy answer to throw out is ‘Jesus’, but if Marvin the Martian showed up Sunday morning with his ACME ray gun and demanded to know who’s in charge around here, would we all point to the stage? The elders & staff? Teachers and small group leaders?

As followers, how do we balance our loyalty to our flesh and blood leaders (and our own preferences) with being disciples of Jesus? As leaders, are we doing everything possible to lead people to follow Him, not just us?

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