Trip-Notes at CIYmove

For those of you keeping track at home, we’re into the second day at CIYMove. Vehicles and weather have all been pretty cooperative to this point, and things are going well. I’m hearing some positive feedback already from the first elective sessions this afternoon. Please be praying for the 18 of us to be focused in on what God has to say and courageous enough to follow.

Last night’s session focused on young Eli’s answer to God’s voice: Speak, Lord – I’m listening. This fit amazingly well with what we’ve been talking about (and hearing) for the past couple months, getting into Filter! Our students are hearing and responding, and it’s exciting to think about where God is leading.

Today has been about trusting God when He calls us into something. We talked about Rahab this morning and the amazing change God brought to her life when she responded in faith. She went from “hooker in a town about to be destroyed” to “ancestor of King David – and Jesus, the Messiah.” If God can do that with her, there’s nothing the rest of us have done that places us beyond the hope He brings.
On a side note, the adult meeting this morning included a great reminder from Kevin Greer that we’re planting seeds that change the world. Some of you at WestWay may remember Kevin – he led adult sessions at Spring Thing several years ago. I always appreciate his long term perspective on youth ministry.

He also led a section later that reminded me of the importance of strategic thinking & planning in youth ministry. There are too many things that we do just because ‘that’s what we do’ in youth ministry. I’ve always hated that, even though I can fall into the same monotonous sinkholes of pointless activity, and it’s always good to be reminded to step back once in a while and evaluate. Youth ministry’s hard enough as it is, even when you do know exactly why you’re doing it. There are some things I need to do to stop making it harder on myself than it needs to be – hope you’ll help…

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