Top 3 Posts of May

May wasn’t a very heavy posting month for me, but the top 3 posts here were all sort of ‘tying up loose ends’ kind of posts. If you missed them, (which you probably didn’t since they were the most visited posts) here’s a second chance:

1. The Envelope Fundraiser. We ended up raising just over $2100 dollars for our upcoming trip to CIY Move. This is a great start and our group is excited to go in just a few more weeks. Please be praying for the spiritual impact of Move to reverberate well past the week of conference. Also, Christ In Youth is based in Joplin, and while their offices are located outside the path of recent destruction, some of the staff have had heavy losses – be praying for their recovery as well as their efforts to help the rest of their community heal.

2. Sticks & Chisels 4.Bonus. For the last post in the series I did for class, I was thinking about the idea of motivation. My guess was that a lot of my classmates would not be blogging too much now that the external motivator was gone (the assignment done, the class finished). What is sufficient motivation for being a part of the church? For my job and ministry? For your job and ministry? What motivates you? Is it enough?

Ten Stupid Things That Keep Churches from Growing: How Leaders Can Overcome Costly Mistakes3. 10ST – 6 More Stupid Things In Youth Ministry. This was also a final post – the last post of a series I did reflecting on each chapter of Geoff Surratt’s 10 Stupid Things that Keep Churches from Growing. I’d talked about how each of those chapters pertained specifically to youth ministry, but felt like I should add a few more.

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