I was asked to write a bio a few months ago for an online youth ministry publication called Youth Ministry Today that wanted to post an article I’d written. Writing a bio of myself seemed kind of like writing my own obituary, only I get to keep breathing! I was happy to have something I’d originally posted here published for a wider audience, but it was kind of awkward writing a really short bio of myself. I’m not really sure why – maybe I think too much of myself, maybe too little (or maybe both). Now I need to provide another bio for another youth ministry site that I may be writing for regularly (Youth Ministry Ideas), and I’m faced with the same dilemma:

How do I sum myself up?

Here’s what I wrote:

Mike Andrews has spent most of his life in Wyoming and Nebraska, but he doesn’t have cowboy boots and he doesn’t love corn. He does love his wife, whom he married a few weeks after their high school graduation in 1994. They packed up their little Dodge Omni and headed off to Nebraska Christian College. They now have four kids and live in Scottsbluff, NE where Mike is the youth minister at WestWay Christian Church.

Mike loves working with adolescents and developing them to lead the church. He loves seeing them come face to face with God and discover who they really are. He thinks it’s amazing to be able to help students realize they don’t have to settle for normal and that things don’t have to stay the way they are. Mostly, he loves it when they figure out they’re made for another Kingdom…

You can find Mike on twitter (@6drews) or on his blog.

(It’s sort of just a summary of what I wrote on the Who’s Mike page here on the blog, but I’m thinking of shortening it even more based on a tweet I saw yesterday from a friend to #oneofthegoodguys.)

I need a little feedback, friends.

  1. How would you write my bio?
  2. How would you write your own?

2 Replies to “Bio?”

  1. That’s true, Tory. I originally wrote it before that was a fact… need to update.

    (I also feel like I need to do more as a board member – anything I can be doing right now?)

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