Sticks & Chisels 4.1

This is a recent shot at a map of stats from this blog. Notice anything unusual? Oui, that! Over a thousand pageviews from France in the past month! (Which is about a thousand pageviews more than in the rest of this blog’s history.) “Hi, France.” I don’t know why there’s been a sudden surge in French interest (the only French people I know live in Omaha & Lincoln), and to be honest, I suspect it’s only some kind of exaggerated glitch in the stats reporting… but it reminds me, and you, that the reach of your message doesn’t have to be limited to your local boundaries.

When I first started blogging, I didn’t set out to build a worldwide following (not that I would say that’s happened anyway). I just felt like I had a message to share, and blogging opened up the potential for me to do that with a whole new group of people. I have had interactions, both online and face to face, with new friends from far off and exciting places like L.A., Canada, China (where apparently my blog was banned at one time), and Intercourse, PA… because of windows opened in the blogging world.

I’m not out to be an international blogging sensation. Fame doesn’t really interest me as a whole. Maybe I’m lying there, but even if you’re a famous blogger, you’re still viewed as some crackpot blogger. Even other bloggers downplay the significance of bloggers. But blogging has helped me share thoughts and encouragement with other people that I’d never have connected with otherwise. It’s extended my reach.

Do you have something to say? Maybe a blog would help you say it (but if you spell like the blind chimpanzee in my last post, maybe not). Maybe you already have a blog, but it mostly sits idle. If that’s the case, ask yourself why you started blogging in the first place. Go back and read a few of your very first posts and be reminded. Maybe you need to re-boot your blog. Maybe you need to scrap it and start over. Maybe you just need to write again. (Check out BlogRocket for some great new resourcing/encouragement for your blogging adventure.)

2 Replies to “Sticks & Chisels 4.1”

  1. Thanks for the encouragement Mike. I have always enjoyed your blog, and reading yours put me in the mood to blog in the first place. I fall under the ‘started blogging and stopped’ category. Time seems to be the reason for this. My last blog was written at 3:00 am because I just couldn’t sleep. 🙂 Maybe I’ll try to start again. Thanks Mike!

  2. Praying for you Matt. I know you have a lot going on right now and doing a blog all the time has to be lower in the priorities than your newly growing family. Gotta love that newborn sleep deprivation, though… right?

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