Sticks & Chisels 3.2

I’ve been enjoying the computer/ministry class I’ve been taking – getting to sharpen some skills that help me use technology for greater impact in my ministry. Over the past couple months, I’ve found some really good websites and articles outside of class that deal with issues related to ministry & technology. I thought I’d pass on a few links here to share what I’ve found:

8Bit – This is actually a network of sites led by John Saddington (who shares tons of blogging insight at tentblogger). The sites range in scope from creativity issues to IT tips to membership management systems. My favorites of the 8Bit family would have to be ChurchCrunch & ChurchCreate.

CreationSwap – This site currently lists itself in Beta, but there is already a great stock of images and graphics (many completely free) that I’ve found useful in ministry. In addition to finding images, there is a good network of artists who can provide feedback on graphics submitted to share.

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