A Bluetooth Single

Since I have so many other, much more important things to procrastinate, I finally linked my phone (which is not an i anything) to my iMac via the bluetooth capabilities they both share. I think I can link it to my iPad as well, but that will have to wait for another day with even more urgent responsibilities. I don’t really know anything about bluetooth aside from it being the condition that occurs after eating smurfs or blueberries. I don’t get what that has to do with helping electronic devices communicate with each other, but whatever… I know that bluetooth will connect one device to another, I know that it will allow files to move between connected devices – but I don’t really know why or how. 
I loaded some pictures and videos that I’ve taken on my phone and remembered how fun it was to watch this one:
That boy has wheels! I hope he learns to set his eyes on where he’s going instead of where the ball went when he hit it, but man those legs move fast.
There’s no lesson here, no moral imperative (unless you feel like digging one out)… just a gratuitous dad moment. The boys have their first wrestling tournament this weekend, so avert your eyes if you can’t handle more…

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