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There’s been a lot of excitement around here the past couple days. The buzz is pretty constant. Conversations seem to be drifting the same direction; “Miss America is one of our own”. Not just from our state, but from our town. Not only from our town, but from our own church. Not only a Christmas-Easter member, but from a vitally involved family… small groups, missions, soup kitchens…

I’ve never been a huge fan of pageants, but when Teresa won Miss Nebraska several months ago, her response to that and all that has come with it began to change my mind. (Posts like this one are a big part of the reason.) Now that she’s won Miss America, with all the doors that will now open for her, I’m excited to see how she continues to allow God to use her to bring hope to the world He loves. Her sense of purpose at such a young age is coming as a shock to a lot of people, but those who know her aren’t that surprised.

If you’re a pageant doubter, as I’ve been most of my life, watch Teresa over the next year. Don’t make an idol out of her (that’s the last thing she’d want), but hear her heart as she fields the variety of questions she’ll face. I don’t know that we’ll get to see Teresa much at home this year, but I hope you’ll join me in praying for her and her family. Their world has just had a huge twist thrown in – pray that they’ll make the most of every opportunity. And never let the fact that you don’t stand on a huge platform keep you from making the most of yours…

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  1. I was very saddened to see the picture of Miss Scanlon in a black bikini that looked more like her undergarments – parading across the stage. It was certainly not an appropriate representation of Christ. She is definitely a beautiful and talented young lady but her “purpose-driven” faith has not served her or her Lord well or young girls who may look up to her, thinking that is appropriate behavior for Christian girls. An article has been written about this at http://www.crosstalkamerica.com/shows/2011/01/the_naked_church.php?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+CrosstalkPodcast+%28Crosstalk+America%3A+Program+Summaries%29

    This was also the topic of an article in Christianity Today. It has caused quite a stir beings that she made reference to her Christian faith.

    It is too bad that she apparently didn’t receive better counsel to choose modesty.

    I am not a member of your church, just a concerned Christian that the Church is looking more like the world all the time. The Bible warns that this will happen in the last days and to guard against it.
    May we weigh all of our actions as to how it reflects upon the Lord and other believers to set the right example.

  2. Sorry for the delay in this response, Anonymous. I’ve been out of town with a group of students and hadn’t had a chance to reply. Then again, since I don’t know to whom I’m replying, this may be pointless anyway.

    I share your concern with a church that reflects the world more than Jesus. And, to be fair, I would have preferred some way of judging contestants’ fitness other than the swimsuit parade.

    But my preference is not the issue. Had I been born 85 years ago, my preference would have probably been to never see a woman in pants, or short sleeves, both of which would be considered completely modest today. Does the church look like the world when women wear blue jeans and t-shirts instead of long sleeve, long dresses?

    Or does the church look like the world when we turn away from those in need of our help throughout the world? Or when we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) on buildings that sit empty most of the week, while reservations and inner cities in our own country are filled with kids being shuffled from one crowded, sub-standard ‘home’ to the next? Or do we look too worldly when we ignore the Spirit that unites us in Christ as one Body, in order to devour one another over issues of opinion?

    I’m not defending the bikini. But I’m also not the convicting force on Theresa’s conscience. The Holy Spirit will always do a better job than I, or you, or Ingrid could ever do. May we, the church, indeed weigh our actions, and allow Him to lead us in every way.

    [just a quick note: It is not my normal practice to respond to Anonymous comments like this one. After prayerful consideration, I’ve responded, but if this degenerates into something other than civil discussion, comments will be disabled and this thread deleted.]

  3. Thank you pastor for your reply even though I am “Ann On E Mouse” 🙂 I am not a local and giving a name wouldn’t be particularly useful.

    This young lady was still a minor when she entered the contests. She needed mentoring from someone older such as her parents to guide her. Of course young girls are apt to pick out certain styles of clothes that are immodest and really not give it a thought. Don’t you find it ironic that a Mormon girl opted for a 1-piece suit so she would be a good example? That girl is not even in a Christian church.

    I don’t mean to be critical, but how we represent Christ matters. And this was a national/international platform – she represents our country. I don’t consider standing for truth devouring one another. The problem with today’s church is not so much neglecting good works, it is having a passion for the truth and the uncompromised Gospel and speaking it from a heart of love. I am genuinely concerned for those who profess a “purpose-driven” faith promoted by Rick Warren. Not judging their heart, but rather what his ecumenical agenda represents. The latest being a New Age Weight Loss program.

    I understand if you don’t wish to post this – and I will not be posting further. Thank you for your time and may the Lord give you guidance and wisdom as you are instrumental in the lives of the kids in your church.

  4. Technology being what it is today, we’re all local in some ways Mouse. Thanks for your reply.

    I guess maybe we disagree on the more fundamental problem. Again, I’m not defending the bikini, but I do think the church today has a problem with neglecting good works (as did the early church written to in James 4). A lot of people fill their padded seats each Sunday, listen to truth, and go home and do little to share that truth in a world that is being deceived.

    This may digress well beyond what’s necessary, but I’m curious at your mention of Rick Warren and your association of him with Theresa (or me). I’d welcome a little more dialogue in that direction if you’d like to send me an e-mail (check the contact page listed above).

    Lastly, thanks for your concern and prayer for young people in the church. They need people who will genuinely love them with the love of Christ.

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