60 Days of Nothing but Spuds

My mom tells me of a period of my childhood when the only thing I could eat was french fries and bananas. I don’t know how long this time lasted, and I have no idea just what precipitated such a starch & K weighted diet. In fact, I really don’t remember any of the details well at all (but I do remember the subsequent force feeding of fried liver quite vividly). This may have been a contributing factor to my entry into Kindergarten at the weight of a small 2 year old. When the teacher said to “Get in your desks” I could comply in a way that was much more literal than she’d hoped for (which is a pretty funny, but completely unrelated tale).

Last week, I came across a story out of Washington (the state) that reminded me of my pre-school starch experience. Chris Voigt is the Executive Director of the Washington State Potato Commission (I still suspect they were secretly behind the political disappearance of Dan Quayle a few years ago). In an attempt to prove the nutritional value of the spud, Voigt embarked a couple months ago on a 60 day journey of deprivation from all foods – except potatoes!

For 60 days, he ate about 20 potatoes a day. My spidey-math senses are telling me he ate about 1200 potatoes during October and November – and nothing else. No birthday cakes, no ice cream desserts, no Thanksgiving turkey… just fork after fork of potatoes. Mashed, baked, rebaked, broiled, sliced and put in the toaster (hope not)…

He lost 20 pounds and dropped his cholesterol levels significantly. I’m sure when word gets out, this will have people rushing out to the nearest corner store to stock up on bags of chips in hopes to shed a few holiday pounds. Bad news… your couch just called to say it’s not going to work.

This all has me wondering?

What if I could only eat 1 thing for two months?

  • 60 days of Nutella on hard rolls sounds kind of good, but I’m afraid of what that would do to my youthful complexion.
  • I’d contemplate 2 months of smothered TDO’s from Taco de Oro, but there’s not enough Charmin in the Bluffs to counteract all that pork chili-taco salad goodness.
  • I really like donuts. I think I could handle donuts for 60 days. Unfortunately, a new wardrobe of stretchy pants is not in the budget – besides which, I already have enough trouble with finding new pants!

What would you eat exclusively for 60 days? What do you think would be the results?

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