Don’t Give Up

I came across this video this morning and wanted to pass it on. It comes from NewSpring Church down in South Carolina. They’ve been doing a great marriage series about fighting FOR your marriage. Check out the whole series, but watch this short clip, too, of one couple’s story. “No situation is hopeless. Nothing is too big for God.” It’s so important to remember that. He is strong enough to sustain your marriage even when you are not – not only to sustain it, but to make it thrive!

A Story: From the Ashes from NewSpring Media on Vimeo.

As a youth pastor, one of the most devastating events I’ve seen in the lives of my students has been divorce. When mom and dad don’t love Jesus enough to love each other, kids get hurt beyond understanding. I know some of my students who read this can verify the pain and confusion that their parents’ separation has caused them. It’s a pain and confusion through which only Jesus could rescue them. To them I want to be very clear: the end of your parents’ marriage is not your fault. You are a bystander, being injured in a fight that is not your own. Keep praying for your parents. Love them like Jesus does. Do your best to continue to honor your mother and father.

I love Jason’s statement near the end of the video: “Divorce is no longer an option, and Jesus is the reason for that.” May this attitude be reflected in the marriage of every disciple… Don’t give up.

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