Formative Experience

“The heart will gravitate toward whatever offers adventure and significance.” [from Joiner/Neiuwhof in Parenting Beyond Your Capacity: Connect Your Family to a Wider Community (The Orange Series)]

I really appreciated this book’s overall approach to parenting, but this quote really stood out to me. Our primary responsibility as parents isn’t just to keep our kids safe and cozy and above the influence of a cold, hard world. It’s to lead our families to tell a story so great that people want to know Who wrote it. If we don’t foster experiences that really matter, our kids will look for them somewhere else.

These experiences of “adventure and significance” help to form a faith that is deep enough to share. They lead kids to the realization that God can accomplish something meaningful through them. They lead them to tell the compelling story of God’s restorative, redemptive work in them and in the world.

I’m curious, as a father and a youth minister… I’m always trying to create experiences that are formative for the faith of the young people I’m with (those who are ‘mine’ and those who are not). What experiences have been most formative for your faith? Are there ways we could work together to craft some similar experiences for another generation?

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