Know God and Make Him Known

It was really cool this morning to see my 8 year old taking his Bible to school. He’s not trying to make a statement or stake a claim to some ‘right’ he perceives himself to have. He just wants to read it. He’s liking what he’s reading.

Too many times, we in the church become so concerned with staking out our territory in the public sqaure that we lose focus on what’s really important. We need to know God and make Him known.
That’s not going to happen just because we have a public platform. It’s not going to happen because I have a fish bumper sticker on my car, or because some famous athlete names Jesus as their hero. It’s not going to happen because I insist on my right to pray and put up giant billboards with crosses and “Jesus” on them…

God will be known when I seek Him. God will be known when we spend time with His Son in His Word. And we’ll make Him known when we actually love our neighbors instead of passing by on the other side of our garages.
I’m not advocating that we give up on our society. There is hope – only our hope is not in socio-political solutions. It is in Jesus creatively reconstructing lives to reflect His Kingdom. It is in the transformational lifestyle of knowing God and making Him known. Go ahead and take your Bible to school… Pray there, too… but do so in order to know God, not to make a statement.

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