Writing Better Stories

I’m stealing some statements from my friend Tory’s blog. These are statements from a training video he’s used in working on the San Carlos Apache Reservation.  Tory is working through an organization called 3:18 Ministries to bring hope where there is little hope.  These statements are the statements of a generation without hope. This is how so many of the young people in San Carlos view life:

  1. There is no future.

  2. I think I can’t.

  3. There are no boundaries.

  4. I messed up – it is over.

  5. Whatever it takes to stop the pain.

  6. I feel powerless.

  7. Anything to belong.

  8. It is all about me.

  9. It is hard to trust.

10. It is never going to change.

This is the heartbreaking story that God is re-writing through the ministry of 3:18. This is the reality that students on the reservation have accepted – the reality that we are working to change by bringing the Kingdom into view. Tory writes, “In the midst of wrestling with this list I continue to be drawn to one simple fact: Jesus is the only one who can redefine the students we are so privileged to walk alongside.” Check out the 3:18 site and see what God is doing. Pray for Tory and Kara as they offer hope to those without hope.

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