Active Water

My students and I were introduced to a great organization this summer at CIY Move. It’s called activewater and they are currently working to make clean water more accessible in Zambia. Dirty water causes or facilitates many diseases – many people die from sicknesses that may not be a big deal here because we have sanitary knowledge and water. Activewater is working to dig wells and install water purification systems that are helping give life to areas that have been afflicted with water born diseases, as well as educating the people about sanitation and hygiene.

We’re going to be doing some fund raising for Activewater this fall. We’ll be hosting a benefit concert in September.  100% of the ticket price will go to activewater. (Incidentally, if you work in an organization that would be interested in helping us sponsor the event, let me know.)

VOTA will be the main feature, with Delusions of Pluto opening. The show will be awesome, but the life that will be shared because we care will be incredible!

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