So… for a long time, I’ve resisted. I’ve brushed aside what so many have hailed: ignored the call of the Cupertino sirens… and stuck with what I knew. I’ve remained faithful to the familiar. But today is Day 1 in what some would say is the next stage of my computing evolution and others would liken to partaking in forbidden computer fruit. I have, for the first time, plugged in and started up my iMac – which is technically WestWay’s iMac procured at my request and curated on my desk. I use the word curate, because taking the computer out of it’s slim little box and placing it upon my otherwise cluttered desk felt like installing a piece of art with it’s hidden power lights and shiny little keyboard and 1 button mouse that functions like 2 buttons and a scroll wheel and a track pad all in one – the simplicity of the mac design.

But fear not, my ever faithful PC friends. I am maintaining dual citizenship for now. The rest of the office functions in a Windows world, so I will not be closing those portholes or portals any time soon. I promise I won’t look down on your hard drive seizing, frozen drive crashing habits. I promise not to laugh at your keyboard crushing frustrations (at least not any more than usual). I promise to still help you when you can’t remember how to cut-copy-and-paste your way to completion of tasks and even to assist in the recovery of those all important pictures lost in the latest round of today’s trojan wars.

I promise to refrain from dropping ubiquitous i’s in front of words that don’t need them for any reason whatsoever and to be diligent to keep myself free from the stain of the apple arrogance. I promise to avoid assailing your ears with a constant stream of the kindergarten-esque “music” projects I concoct in the lab of my GarageBand just because it’s there.

Day 1 has begun. I’ve set up e-mail, found the network printer, adjusted the sound (which is really good and probably annoying my oldies-loving neighbor), done a little browsing and now, posted this iblog! I look forward to learning the new language of applework, installing a bit of software, and making full use of the creatively productive pieces of this machine that are at the core of why I made the switch.

Get it? Core – – apple. Ha ha???

Sorry… I promise to still apologize for bad jokes too.

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