Compassion Event

Last week, I got to volunteer at a Compassion table at Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit (go check out some of the highlights) simulcast here in Scottsbluff.  LuAnn and I have sponsored kids through Compassion since early on in our marriage and I’ve presented Compassion at various times in the churches where we’ve lived, but I’d never been able to do a table at an event like this before.

I was a little unsure of how the event would go, but basically was anticipating being available to answer questions during breaks. That is essentially how things went – I had some great conversations with area leaders about Compassion and what a difference they and their churches and organizations could make in the life of a child in poverty. One lady was in tears as she began sponsorship of an additional child, another was ecstatic at being able to help with Compassion’s Child Survival Program in Ecuador with only $20 a month.

I’m glad I got to help. It was good to connect with so many area leaders, and even better to be reminded of some of the reasons we started supporting children through this awesome organization in the first place. God is at work through Compassion and I’m so grateful to be able to be a part of that. If you haven’t looked into Compassion lately, snoop around their website a little right now and see what you can do for a child.

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