Coldwater Apps

Last summer, our youth ministry did a mission trip called coldwater. Basically, we packed up a van, truck, and camper and headed to an unknown destination to do whatever work we could find – small acts of relief for people who matter to God. We won’t be making that trip quite the same way this summer, but we will be incorporating the concept this year through ‘coldwaters apps’.

We’re applying the same attitude of service, and showing people they matter.

Tomorrow will be our first official coldwater app. We’ll be fixing up a yard that needs mowed and weeded at 9:30. If you want to help, meet me at the church building a little before 9:30. Bring some work gloves or rakes or just yourself! Don’t get bent out of shape if you can’t make it this time; there will be more. Call me if you need some details. (But remember, this is still coldwater, so there aren’t many details to go around!)

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