A Simple Request with Huge Implications

I don’t often ask for much on this blog – a little conversation, feedback, a free exchange of ideas… but today I’m going to ask. Because I need something. The ministry I lead needs something. The church in which I serve needs something.

Tomorrow and Saturday, our team of elders and pastors will be getting out of town for a little bit for a leadership retreat. To be totally honest, I don’t know exactly what’s on the agenda for the time we’ll be spending together, but I do know that this trip is coming at a pivotal time for us. And that’s where you come in…

I’m asking that on Friday night and Saturday, you’d be praying for these needs of our leadership team:
We need to hear from God and together be drawn deeper into His mission for WestWay.
We need to humbly accept what He calls us into and boldly move forward into whatever that may be.
We need to listen well, both to the Spirit and to each other.
We need to communicate clearly within the group and avoid being misled by assumptions.
We need to follow up when we return, diligently doing what we commit to and faithfully caring for the community in which we’ve been planted.

If you’re a part of WestWay, I hope you already pray for your leaders, but especially this weekend, please be praying for us. Thanks.

(If any of you who will be on the trip have anything specific you’d like people to be praying about, feel free to click on ‘comments’ under this post to detail your request.)

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