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For the last several weeks, my desk has been piled with stuff I brought back from Catalyst West. Some of the stuff was purchased, some were free books that I seem to never be able to pass up (why would anyone want to?!), and some other promo materials from vendors that were set up at the conference. Just thought I’d pass on some links to some of the resources, connections, causes, and ministries I brought back:

Clover – Fashioners of great websites for growing ministries.
TOMS Shoes – A shoe company that gives a pair of shoes away to someone in need for every pair they sell!
Invisible Children – A movement working in northern Uganda to rebuild life for child soldiers, who’ve been abducted and forced into the longest running military conflict in Africa.
Orange – Proponents of a strategy that fuses children’s and youth ministry with the rest of the Body – ministry to families starts at home.
Orphan Sunday – Nov. 7, 2010 Echoing God’s heart for the fatherless.
One Day’s Wages – A giving movement intent on alleviating extreme poverty by donating a day’s wage. These guys have done a great job leveraging social media to work on their mission.
Gift Card Giver – Distributing unused and leftover gift cards to people in need.
ISS – Stewardship solutions to resource God’s vision for the local church.
The Last Letter – Committed to taking up the cross among the poor and lost – a passionate call to action for all of us.
Bethany Christian Services – Orphan care, adoption, and counseling through unplanned pregnancies.
X3Watch – Accountability Software/Tools for fighting internet porn.

Many of these deserve a lot more attention than one post could give all of them, so check the links and see what you find. Then come back and comment and let me know which ones are most exciting for you.

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