Still Distilling

I still haven’t had time to decompress after returning from Catalyst West, and may not for some time, so I wanted to jot out a couple things here, though they’re not fully processed. I read somewhere that a distillation is the process of separating components of a mixture from each other by tapping into their varying levels of volatility in a boiling liquid. As we distill the post-Catalyst brew… try not to blow anything up (unless it needs blown up)!


Inexplicable Love + Message of the Power of the Resurrection = An Unimaginable Tomorrow!  We are stewards of the same resurrection message that caused the church to EXPLODE in the first century and alter the course of history.  When we wield that power in love beyond measure, ANYTHING is possible for tomorrow!  What tomorrow are you working to create?

Grace is not just a one time gift that allows us to “get saved” – it is the power we need to live every day. If we limit our view of grace to only our salvation, we’ll doom ourselves to an anemic spirituality because we DO NOT have the power to do what God calls us to do until He unleashes His power in us.  The ministry He calls you to will force you to beg Him for help.  What obstacles are you facing that God is wanting to help you with today?

People become the character in the story that they believe.  If you believe you are a broken down old hag with nothing to live for… you’ll live a pretty bitter life.  If you believe no one loves you… you’ll live as if no one does, even rejecting the love that is given to you.  But if you believe you are a child of God, with a role to play in His narrative… That changes everything.  Who you are will be shaped by what story you believe is real.  What story are you believing?

The Church is His and it is UNSTOPPABLE!  The very same tools that were available to the first believers are in our toolbox: the teaching of Jesus, the Resurrection Message, and the Power of the Holy Spirit.  The early church rocked the planet with these three tools.  What will we do with them?

There is so much more to share, but I just can’t right now. I have two worship services to plan and a message to write for my students. Throw in Kota’s first baseball practice, a soccer practice, and a weekend full with an area youth event in Central and I just… well, I sound like I’m whining now, so I’ll stop. I still have to sift through the tremendous amount of thoughts that were shared and captured at Catalyst.  The ideas need to continue to percolate and become a brew that will strengthen the youth ministry and the body here at WestWay.  But don’t just drink my Kool-aid – Join the conversation: Comment here and check out some other thoughts from our group at these links:

(more to come)

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