Lovin’ the Consistency

I hope this isn’t hitting the peak too early, but my adrenaline is going crazy today. Several last minute things to do before leaving with an awesome group to go to Catalyst has me running around a little bit! I’m feeling like I’m just about to step onto the pitch for a big game or something… One of the things to do (that I really didn’t need to do yet) was to go pick up new registration tags for my 4runner.

So I drove ALL the way across the river to Gering – which as anyone local knows is an arduous task in itself. (Seriously, it took almost 10 minutes to drive all the way over there.) I got to the line at the DMV/county clerk to find big, bold announcements that they no longer have insurance information on file, so I would need the insurance card for the truck. I’d driven the van (meaning I didn’t have the 4runner card with me, I had the caravan card).

Before she even asked, I explained to the nice lady behind the desk that the information is the same (same policy, same coverage, etc.) but she apologetically informed me that I needed the one for the vehicle that was being renewed. (I think she even teared up a little.) Not a big deal, I’m just killing time until leaving tonight for L.A. so I drove WAY back over to Scottsbluff to pick up the truck’s insurance card, then turned around and drove ALL the way back across the river and railroad tracks.

I waited in line with the proper piece of paper proudly clutched in my right hand (even checked to make sure I didn’t grab the outdated one that I should have thrown away 6 months ago!). I made it up to the desk where another very nice lady offered to assist me – I dutifully showed her the registration renewal card, handed her the check, she gave me the new registration and stickers… never even mentioned the insurance!

Gotta love consistency!

I wonder… what if I’d kept my mouth shut the first time!?

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