A Bandwagon Worth Riding?

I’ve always hated bandwagons. “America’s Team” has never been my thing (sorry, Dallas). I grew up sitting on my grandma’s lap while she cussed out a young John Elway on the TV and have liked the Broncos as long as I can remember. I will never be sporting the most purchased jersey of any sport, and when the masses start telling me how great something is, I become predisposed to not like it (sorry, Avatar). Something I learned well at Jr. High dances was “don’t believe the hype”. Maybe it’s a character flaw, I don’t know… but when something becomes so popular that it’s everywhere I turn, I just want to go out to the hills and hit rocks with sticks (sorry, rocks). I guess I’m just not a fan of being a fan…

That is especially true when it comes to people. Now… I AM a fan of people in general, just not a fan of joining the various cults of personality that seem to crop up around everyone with a little charisma. This invariably leads to great loss and consternation when the idol topples (they always do). So, at the risk of sounding like a fan-boy, I thought I’d share a list of some speakers that I’ve really been challenged by lately. I listen and read these guys a lot and really appreciate different aspects of their teaching & personalities:

Erwin McManus – watch/listenSearch Amazon.com for Erwin McManus
Mark Batterson – watch/listen, blogSearch Amazon.com for Mark Batterson
Francis Chan –watch/listenSearch Amazon.com for Francis Chan
Perry Noble – watch/listen, blog
Mark Driscoll – watch/listenSearch Amazon.com for Mark Driscoll
Andy Stanley – watch/listenSearch Amazon.com for Andy Stanley

God has been teaching me a ton through these servants. Check them out, maybe we can learn something together. Who else is God using to grow you?

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