Why Should We Imitate Christ?

The final devotion for Winter White Wash.
Why should we imitate Christ?

In Jesus, God is reaching out to humanity with the offer to be reconciled to Him. 2 Corinthians 5:20 gives us a place in His appeal as well. We are called Christ’s ambassadors. It’s like God is appealing through you to the people you work with and go to school with: “Come back into a right relationship with me.”

If that message doesn’t flow from your life, you’re not imitating Jesus. We should imitate Him because we need to reflect His Father to the people around us. Their best, first look at God may be when they look at you. When people look at you, are they only seeing you, or do they see a bit of Jesus, too? Is anyone in your life getting to know Jesus because they know you? Who are some people in your life who could get to know Him better if you could imitate Him more fully?

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