How Do We Imitate Christ?

Here is part 3 of the student devotions series from Winter White Wash.
How do we imitate Christ?

Philippians 2 gives a great picture of the humility of Jesus. Imitating him begins with that kind of humility. Before he ever gave sight to a blind man, Jesus gave up what was rightfully his. Before he ever made wine from water, he “made himself nothing”. Before he was lifted onto a cross in an act that would bring life to all who would take it… he humbled himself.
Without that kind of humility, we can’t possibly hope to imitate Christ. Until we are willing to stop thinking about ourselves and fill our lives with what He wants… we’re just faking it. When you were younger and misbehaving, someone may have told you “that’s not how a Christian acts”. I’m afraid we’ve learned the lesson too well. We’re really good at “acting like a Christian” when it’s convenient.
The difference between acting like a Christian and imitating Christ is the attitude of humility. Jesus fed hungry people, not to look nice on a Sunday morning, but because he loved them and they needed food. That’s just one example. Open your Bible to any of the Gospels and you’ll see that same attitude of humble service in Jesus.
How’s your attitude? Do you find yourself complaining about how your circumstances are unfair more often than you find yourself helping someone else in a tougher situation? Do you feel like you’re being cheated by life… or your parents… your teachers… a group at school or a former friend? The beginning of the imitation of Jesus is to humbly set aside your rights and what you think you deserve and surrender to whatever God wants.

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