“I believe there is more in store for the local church… that throws off meaningless things and embraces who God is and what He has called them to do.”

I pulled that quote from Perry Noble’s post on his blog today because it reminded me of something I wasn’t really thinking about yesterday (but should have been). Actually, the whole post was something I needed to hear – What Keeps Me Focused as a Leader. Yesterday, I was out of focus (honestly not just yesterday, it’s kind of been an ongoing thing) until a bit of a kick in the butt from God when I started to step back and worship Him. It’s always great when those kicks come while you’re standing behind a microphone and a guitar in front of a room full of students! […awkward…]

I’ve been frustrated lately by some stuff that’s outside the realm of my influence, and I’ve let that affect me way too much… distract me from the One that I’m here for. The One who loves this church infinitely more than I do, and who knows what He’s doing with it. But I do believe that the best is yet to come, if we will abandon pointless things, embrace God, and do what He calls us to do.

I have two students getting baptized soon, others just floating with little understanding of why they’re here, another feeling worthless and probably trying meth and doing who knows what to pay for it, others who are getting more and more passionate about revealing God to their friends and learning to love as God loves… I’d appreciate your prayers as I try to be the focused leader they deserve. The church is His people living on His mission – don’t give up.

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