There’s more that’s changing than just the weather…

“…like a champion rejoicing to run his course.

This phrase really jumped out at me today as I was reading through Psalm 19. As David is describing how the skies shout out the awesomeness of the Creator, he likens the sun to a runner on race day – coming out of his tent ready and excited for the race, confident in victory. I remember waking up on gamedays ready to compete like that – practically jumping out of bed, excited for what lies ahead. I have to confess that I haven’t bounced out of bed for quite a while. Staggered, rolled, stumbled… these words are much better descriptors of my morning departures from slumberland lately.
But I sense a change happening in our student ministry, in our church, and in me that’s making it a little easier to drag my carcass out of bed… I’m learning again to see each day as an opportunity to display the awesomeness of the Creator. I’m excited about recent developments that will be unleashing ministry into our community. God is moving. We are seeing it – and lacing up our shoes to join Him in the work He’s doing.
Don’t miss your chance today to reveal God to the people around you.

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