“It’s not me, it’s you…”

I don’t have a lot of good break up stories. When you marry as young as we did, you’re spared a lot of the crappiness of the adult dating world – so glad I didn’t have to deal with it. And thankful God put me with the right person and we both recognized it without having to screw up our lives first. Perry Noble’s doing a series on being single right now with some great stuff though. Check out this link to his blog post about reasons two people should break up – and check out Newspring’s site for the online message videos.
Here’s a line from one of the reasons:
“Dating was not created to be some sort of hobby/sport. So… when you KNOW that the relationship is NOT heading beyond its current condition… you KNOW that he or she is NOT the person God has for you… END IT! Don’t date someone just so you won’t be alone… this situation ALWAYS goes bad…”

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  1. Good blog; singlehood seems so remote now. I do agree with all 7 “break-up” reasons.

    I also like the dating as a “hobby/sport” comment. Sounds like my 1994. I was on the rebound from a 3-year relationship with Mr. ‘Almost The One’, and still about a year out from dating Jon. I recall doing what we called “recreational noncomittal dating” among our church group in college. We went on dates with folks we honestly knew would not have any longterm relationship potential. It actually was alot of fun, and thankfully never led to any physical misleadings (apart from a little “mugging,” or kissing, if you consider that a misleading). The intention was just to have ‘a date’ for the weekend– never really to ‘not be alone’. I look back on that time without regret. I met some good Christian men, learned alot about myself, learned to two-step (!), stepped out of my comfort zone and spied into some perspetives dissimilar from my own, and ultimately wound up dating Jon.

    Interestingly, Jon asked me out on a date, and knowing there may have been more serious ‘potential’, I actually took 6 weeks before deciding if I was going to date him or not. Patient Jon. I guess my personal experience validates Mr. Noble’s ideology.

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