Disconnected Church Kids

The Link Institute (which is a product of Huntington University‘s youth ministry program) and YouthWorker Journal teamed up for an essay contest (on the theme of The Church) for high school juniors and seniors. The winning entry was written by Ian Roseen, who shares a very insightful glimpse into what many students feel about the church.

You should go here to read his article. I wish I could thank Ian for sharing his brief sketch of a typical Sunday morning for many in a generation that is being spiritually displaced. Go read the article. And if you have any capacity to do so, make sure the Katys and Ians of your community can truly be connected in your congregation. In Ian’s words:
“Engage us. Involve us. Depend on us. Give us responsibilities. Set high expectations. Let us use our talents. Help us feel like we belong to the church at large.”

*If you’re a high school Jr. or Sr. (or know some) check out this page for details on how you can enter next year’s essay contest. It could be worth a $16,000 scholarship to Huntington!

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