The Button Pusher?

Maybe it’s because I moved a lot growing up…. (probably)

Maybe it’s because I get bored easily… (could be)
Maybe it’s because I’m pretty laid back and easy going… (ja, es stimmt)
Maybe it’s because I like to eat pancakes… (pancakes?!)
Maybe it’s because I’m a spineless chameleon that alters whatever is necessary to blend… (Ouch! hope that’s not it)
I really don’t have a good explanation, but change (in and of itself) hasn’t really ever been a big deal to me. I don’t mind when things change. I’ve come to expect it. There’s no use fighting most of it. Often, I even like it. Sometimes I like it a LOT. In all honesty, when I listen closely to God, I frequently hear Him telling me to instigate it.
Which is where my trouble comes in… I like change. I love God. But I also care about people (and too often, about their opinion of me). And many of them don’t like change at all. I’m especially averse to ticking people off – I don’t like doing it. Except in extreme occasions where a carbon based being has reached a precipice of asininity – then it’s fun. (Growing up that was my usually my brother – it was always entertaining to make him mad… but I digress. Sorry Dan – uh, and mom, dad, and any innocent bystanders…) I’ve found that anger is a common reaction to change, so the role of catalyst is not always (ever) the most comfortable.
This is when I hear God asking “Hey kid, when did I ever tell you you’d be comfortable?”
“Well there was that one verse… If I stretch the context a little bit… oh never mind.”
“Yeah, I didn’t think so. You think Jeremiah was comfortable stuck in the bottom of a well because He kept telling people to change their ways like I told him to tell them? You think John was comfortable in camel hair in the desert, telling people to change because my kingdom was right around the corner? Have you felt camel hair? I wasn’t very comfortable in 1st century Palestinian diapers either, by the way. Do you know what kind of rash… never mind. Just push the buttons I tell you to push ok?”
I don’t want to change things just for the sake of changing things. But I serve the greatest Transformative Person ever – He changes things. EVERY thing. If change is a given (it is), then wouldn’t it make sense to shape that change in conformity with Him, instead of just letting it happen? Change is going to happen. Let’s make the right change happen.

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