To Change…

I’m the kind of guy who likes to change things up a little bit once in a while. Just got my hair cut drastically shorter for the simple reason that I felt like it. One of the recurring witticisms of my childhood was “You should always try new things.” So here, I offer to you, several reasons you should embrace change.

5 Reasons to Embrace Change
1. It’s working great in the church down the street. Hey, if it’s good for the Baptists, it’s got to work here, too! Right?
2. It’s working in the mega-churches. They’re big and successful because they changed, so it follows that if we make the same changes, we’ll be big and successful too.
3. It will make us more relevant to the culture. The world is changing, so we have to change, too.
4. Any change is a good change. The Bible says to “sing a new song”. What that means is that anything new is automatically better than anything old. Shiny new stuff replaces old worn out stuff. It’s the natural order God intended.
5. We don’t want people to get bored. We need to randomly alter important things every once in a while, just to keep things interesting.
6. It will get rid of the dead weight. If we change the right things often enough, it will tick off the people who aren’t really committed to Jesus. They’ll take their hymnals and go play somewhere else, then we can really get things going here.
7. God is the ultimate transformer. He’s “making all things new,” so we should be changing everything too, you know… to help God out.
Here’s to shaking things up a bit…

2 Replies to “To Change…”

  1. Amen to change. Maybe it is about yielding to others, or even submitting to the will of others. Failure to submit = resistance to change. I like #6 in particular. I’ll add that change ensures that we do not become entrenched or steeped in meaningless human tradition.

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