When They Like What I Like

I like it when my children like the things that I like. Last night, I took Emily out to run with me. Lizzie and Siah decided they had to go too! I can remember flipping through channels Sunday afternoons before Dakota really talked much. If I happened to come across NASCAR, his grunts made it very plain that he wanted the channel to be parked for a few laps! He’d climb up and watch with me for hours. Now he does this with football, and I finally have him convinced that the Broncos are the good guys.

I like how all my kids have enjoyed playing soccer. It’s exciting to watch them develop and learn what they can do. Dakota discovered the thrill of dribbling this year and loves to change directions sharply and watch the other kids scramble and fall all over themselves trying to keep up. Josiah didn’t have a very fun season, but the last couple weeks he decided he liked it and was going to have fun – and he did! Emily’s not a big fan of extended physical exertion, but she’s had fun being part of the team and developing relationships with her teammates (and anyone else on the field who will talk to her). Lizzie can’t wait to get on the field and play – and she may have all the tools a girl needs to rule the pitch (definitely has the attitude)!
I love how my kids are always dragging books around. When kids disappear at our house, we usually find them with their nose in a book of some kind. I know this makes us a couple geeks raising a bunch more geeks – and I’m ok with that. I enjoy seeing my kids getting enjoyment from so many of the things that I also enjoy. I don’t want to push my kids to be just like me only better and vicariously live through their competitive endeavors to surpass my own failures. I don’t want to be “that dad” – but I really do like it when my kids like what I like.
I think this is a reflection of how God feels about us. It brings Him immense joy to see His children caring about what He cares about. As a child of God, I want His passion for humanity to be reflected in my own life. I want to be able to love the way that He loves. I want to live the life that He’s crafted me for – and this brings Him great joy. Want to please God? Find something He cares about; pour yourself into it; & live the life you were meant to live.

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  1. Well said! I too enjoy discovering when my children like what I like. It brings me great pleasure to see them all loving to work with children or youth. Music and basketball are a commmon thread with my kids and I. Awesome times!!!!!

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