Pray for Ask Anything series

I’ve been studying and thinking about how to approach each of the topics in the Ask Anything series a lot today. I’ve haven’t looked forward to any stretch of weeks in the four years that I’ve been here more than the next 8 weeks… or approached them with as much ‘fear and trembling’. I want to ask any of you who read this to be praying for our ministry as we go through these tough questions. I challenged the students this week to bring people with them when they come because I know their friends are wrestling with similar questions, and I know that God is what they need. So you’ll know what to be praying about, here’s a rundown of the next 8 weeks:

10-28 Why would my life matter to God? Why would He care about me? Be praying that God would shed light on the fact that we are made by Him and for Him – He has a purpose for everyone of us, and none of us are insignificant.
11-4 How can we be accepted by God? The way this question was worded reveals a fundamental misunderstanding about baptism that many people hold. Pray that students will come to realize just what (and by what I mean WHOM) can make us acceptable to our Father in Heaven.
11-11 Can I get a second chance at life on Earth after I die? There’s a really short answer to this one. Be praying that we’ll be able to dig behind the question to understand where it is coming from and offer hope for this life.
11-18 Is my friend who committed suicide in Heaven or Hell? The student who asked this question is hurting badly. Pray that God would heal the residual wounds that suicide leaves so many to struggle with.
11-25 Where did cuss words originate? Just pray that I don’t use words this week that will get me fired… Actually, this is a volatile issue for some people and it seems like everyone has their own list of words that are not ok. No matter what I say here, someone’s not going to like it. Pray that we could get to the heart of the issue and offer a Biblical answer to the question of appropriate/inappropriate use of language…
12-2 How can I help someone with a dangerous addiction if they don’t want help?
There are so many variables to this issue. Pray that we’d be able to address with God’s Word the appropriate issues that lead to (and out of) addictions.
12-9 How is it that God is Jesus, who is God, who is also the Holy Spirit, who is also Jesus…? Don’t worry about praying for this one, I’m sure explaining the Trinity to teens will be no problem – for Jimmy! Ok, really… pray that we’d be able to allow God to make Himself known as fully as our beady little minds can handle.
12-16 How old is the earth? What is Armageddon? Is everything in Revelation real? The Beginning and The End! Thought I’d combine a couple bookend questions to close out this series before Christmas. Please be praying that the students would get a good sense of the scope of history as we look at the issues of the world’s beginning and its end. I hope we can bring some sanity to the whole End of Days issue. I’d hate for people to not recognize when Jesus comes because He doesn’t do it the way they expect(ed).

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