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We’re doing a series on Wednesday nights right now called “Ask Anything…” where basically the students put a question in a box and we’ll discuss what God has to say about the topics in question each week. Last night, students submitted some great questions:

– If God is so big, then why does my life matter to Him and what could my everything be to him? Why would He care?
– How do you stop someone from a dangerous addiction even if they don’t want help?
– What is Armageddon and is everything in Revelation real?
– If someone lived life bad even after they were baptized, would God still accept that person again if they change their lifestyle? Even if they did really bad things…
– When we die and meet God at the gates, if we ask for a second chance on Earth, will he allow us that chance?
– How old is the earth?
– When a person commits suicide, did they go to heaven or hell? (I’ve heard both from so many people, I can’t figure which one could possibly be right.)
These are some of the questions our students are wondering about. Last night as I read through them quickly before I headed home, I got excited about Scriptures that came to mind regarding these topics, and about the prospect of digging in to God’s Word with my students to hear what He has to say. I’ll keep the boxes out another week or so for more questions…
I’m really looking forward to teaching through this stuff – if you have a friend that’s not quite sure about your whole church thing, bring them Wed. night…

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  1. Good questions! You have plenty of lessons and bible study ahead. I’ll be praying for wisdom for you.
    Did anyone find any other crazy stories in the bible last week?

  2. Yeah, and probably a few more questions to come! Thanks for the prayer…

    Ez. 37 (Andrew of course, brought up the “army of the dead”)won out over Sampson the human wrecking ball, Ananias and Saphira dropping dead, the wicked woman in a basket carried off to Babylon (which was in a vision of Zechariah, so I’m not sure that one got much traction), and Ehud killing the King of all Fatness Eglon.

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