I returned last night from a good couple days at the state ministers retreat, hosted by CSF. Shane and I headed out after grabbing a quick lunch Sunday. The only disconcerting part of the trip was when the Broncos gave the Patriots a 10 point head start as we listened to AM sports stations across the state. We stayed in Lincoln Sunday night, where both Shane and I were able to reconnect with good friends from our various times on that end of Nebraska.

I hung out with Megan and Lee and Rachel for a little bit (harassing a pepsi serving coke employee), then got to stay at Hudson’s house – which, by the way is in the northWEST part of town, nowhere near where I was picturing it! Once I eventually made my way there, I had a great visit with the Shires (well, at least the adults – the kiddos were already in bed). It was very exciting to be with Hudson again and see how God is continuing to use His talented and humble servant. I was glad to catch up, and am grateful to have played a small role in our Father’s transformative work… excited to see what develops next as he works with Avant Ministries to support church planting in northern Africa! (If you’re looking for a mission to support, let me know and I’ll get you in touch with Hudson.)
The visit set a great tone for the retreat the next couple days and despite the lack of sleep, Shane and I got a good start Monday, checked into the monastery/retreat center and settled in to some great conversation with old and new friends and our shared Father. A few of the most important thoughts to hit me during the retreat:
– God is what we need for a life of ministry. (Duh! But never forget it!)
– “Keep in step with the Spirit”; What if this is more than ‘walking’ – what if it’s dancing, keeping time with the music of His Spirit in our lives? This may not be a meaningful distinction to you, but I really appreciated this picture of how we follow His lead.
– If I want to lead more confidently, I need to follow Him more closely.
– I am not home yet.
It was a good time deepening my connection with God by reconnecting in conversation with other ministers, mentors, and friends.

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