WWMark 2 – A Global View of God’s Church

A second attitude that we want to characterize the students in our ministry is a global view of God’s Church. We want our students to see themselves as a part of something that God is working on way beyond our little corner of the world. It always stood out to me that when God blessed Abraham, and promised to make him into a great nation – He had the good of all nations in mind. The church is here today for the good of the world. We aren’t just raising up a group of young people to keep our little club going – we are training students to alter the course of human history throughout the world.

Right now, we have a team of people in Haiti, working with the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission, that includes a couple of our HS/MS students (and the rest of their awesome family). I am really excited for them to get back and share their stories about what God is doing right now in Haiti. A former student of mine is getting ready to move his young family to Spain in order to be a part of a work that God is doing there. These students are getting a global view of God’s church.
I am awestruck when I think about the way God moves in the history of nations and people, and the way He is working through His people all over the world to draw the nations to Himself. He is on the move in the world today. Are we watching? Are we prepared to follow His lead?

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