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This is my entry for our church’s newsletter sweepstakes, so when you get yours in the mail, just pretend you didn’t read it here already…

I’ve had a number of discussions lately about just what exactly we’re working to develop in our student ministry. What is Wind & Water Student Ministries all about? The short answer is discipleship. We are all about revealing the one true God to students and being disciples of His Son – but let me flesh that out a little bit.

We don’t just want students to show up. The world has more than enough pew-sitters content to be spoon fed once a week, pay their dues when it’s convenient, and sit back and wait for Jesus to return. I don’t need to train our students to do that. I don’t need to teach them to think only about themselves and what will make them the most comfortable with their church experience, never thinking about what kind of experience may reveal God to His missing people.

We ask more of our students. I’ve been thinking a lot and praying that 5 markers would identify our students. I pray that every one of our students would come to exhibit these characteristics:

– a permanent attitude of worship

– a global view of God’s Church

– a passion for revealing God to people who don’t see Him

– a commitment to local service as the church

– a hunger for depth in their relationship with God

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