Running Randomosity

I’ve really enjoyed running again.

My knee has not been bothering for a couple weeks now.
My legs have remembered how to store glycogen and get rid of lactic acid, my lungs are remembering how to squeeze out every bit of oxygen they can get – now if I could just get my mouth to figure out how to provide the right nutritional fuel… (I suppose the mouth is not so much the problem as the will – and it’s appetite for ‘less than healthy’ food!)
Running under a huge moon, with tons of crickets cheering for me is pretty sweet – until a crack in the sidewalk hides in a dark spot! (Maybe the crickets were just laughing!)
We have quite a few people running for Miles for the Mission… but very few who’ve actually been getting any pledges. (Good for health – not that great for the raising of funds.)
I’ve run just over 30 miles so far in September.
My 30 day challenge ends next week – I still have about 33 miles to go to meet the goal of 100 miles. My body is willing and increasingly able; my schedule has not been nearly so accommodating. (Gonna try to squeeze in a few miles before soccer practices tonight, though.)
LuAnn has officially accused me of an addiction.
She’s probably right.
Ran up and down the Bluff last week – had to walk a little going up! Forgot how bad a long extension of hill can suck the life out of my lower back. Has it always been this way? (Also, I did not get back in the car and leave, screaming like a little girl, when I saw a rather large snake at the base of the path.)

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