Life’s a Trip

I like it when something significant comes out of my mouth without my first formulating the thought into words. My thought editing process can distill my intended message so much that it’s castrated, robbed of any potency the message may have had. I don’t want to be a jerk about things, but sometimes, I try too hard to say things politely (thanks, mom!).

During our staff meeting today, I had one of those moments where things came out right. I was talking about the way we went around during the coldwater mission, looking for some way to serve and open to just about anything. Why don’t we do that normally? Why don’t we go to our jobs and schools and homes and hangouts… looking for any possible way to be of service?
Willie commented on how we don’t have that mindset because we get too busy ‘at home’… too caught up in our own lives. We can set all that aside for a week long “mission trip” but often fail to do so in our normal day to day living.
Before I knew what was coming out of my mouth, I heard myself saying “But, my whole life is supposed to be a mission trip!” (or something close to that) We have, too often, bought into a screwed up idea of ‘home’. If you are in Christ, YOU ARE NOT HOME! (unless you’ve already died and Heaven has some sweet wi-fi hot spots, that for some reason you’re using to check this blog) You’re not supposed to be ‘too busy’ to notice the needs of the people you share air with. You’re not supposed to be so wrapped up in your own life that you don’t see the dead people walking all around you. You’re supposed to be on a ‘mission trip’ – seeking out those who are merely ‘breathing to death’ and taking them to Jesus to be resuscitated!
Stop complaining about your job and how you don’t make enough money – go there to make disciples, instead! Quit whining about having to go back to school and make the most of that opportunity to connect with people that don’t know Jesus and show them they matter to Him! Stop moaning and groaning about how boring church is and realize YOU ARE THE CHURCH… so don’t be boring!
[My filter is telling me to tone down that last paragraph, but honestly…]
I see a lot of people right now who are diving into the ‘mission life’ mentality. It’s exciting to see so many friends taking seriously the example of Jesus as He picked up a towel and started washing feet. Today, we are picking up garbage and sandpaper, paintbrushes and shovels, Bibles and moving carts. We are watching for places to paint and people to love – begging God to show us how and whom we can help next. We are looking for ways to let people see the Kingdom that is unseen – because that is our home. HE IS OUR HOME! We’re learning that our lives are a mission trip – His mission trip into His creation to reveal His Kingdom and win back the hearts of His people…
Hope wherever you are, you join the trip…

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