coldwater improvements

Thinking of a few things that could be better next time we do coldwater…

– Shorter distance options later in the week – or staying in one town the whole time.
– Learning how to know when to stop working when you’re working on a project that has no (or an unreachable) end…
– We lost a little focus Wednesday – maybe due to travel/fatigue, but needed to do something to keep focused.
– Could have done a better job with a more regular, scheduled devotion/journaling time. (Though we did make good use of a lot of ‘teachable moments’ I think.)
– Wish we could have traveled in one vehicle.
Those of you who went: use the comments section and tell me what you think could be better next time.

One Reply to “coldwater improvements”

  1. I think we could have done more service work. It seemed like we did too many “fun things” for ourselves. Also, like you said, not so much driving time so we can do more.

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